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    WTTF 01 Tradition Rookie Retro Threads (jerseys)

    LMK if you have any I have 8 incoming! I need all but:

    A. Carter

    PLMK if you have any other then those. Thanks!

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    Not sure but I have 2 packages at the post office right now have to go pick them up tomorrow. Ill let you know tomorrow if theyre yours.

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    Nope I lied dad picked it up during his lunch and just brought it home so I got your package. Is there anything I have to do in the trade board? Sorry im new.

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    Well right now i have one on hold for a diff guy but if the trade doesnt go through or he doesnt want it i have the robert ferguson one to trade ya... I would be looking for a nice sized lot of packer cards.. long as they are in mint condition i dont care who they are.. For now though I am wondering if you would be interested in that one


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    prophet - yes I would be intersted in that card I could put together a lot with a bout 30 - 50 packer commons and inserts. I would also be intersted in this card on our site:

    2001 Fleer Tradition Name Plates Tim Couch 2 clr jsy with Stitching---bv $25

    PLMK what you would be looking for that. Thanks!

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    Would you be interested in buying the couch off hand. I couldnt find anything of interest.. I would trade for a good rookie of chris chambers or michael bennett though


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    Sure I would buy the couch off of you. Here is the only auction on eBay I could find. Its a 2 color patch just liked yours and it ended at $4.34 (link >>HERE<< ) so how about $5-7 and a chris chambers fleer focus rc BV $10

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