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    Talking More 03-04 Bowman Rookies and Stars Mojo...

    I am have been buying packs of these and just continually hitting it great even better then those high end packs. Today I bought 8 packs and here is what I got. (These are all rookies):

    Malick Badiane
    Reece Gaines
    Zaur Pauchulia
    Devin Brown
    Luke Walton
    Tommy Smith
    Darko Milicic
    Steve Blake

    Bowman Gold:
    Lebron James (YAY)
    Kirk Hinrich
    Jarvis Hayes

    Bowman Chrome:
    Mickael Pietrus Refractor #ed 024/300
    Reece Gaines
    Darko Milicic
    Rick Rickert
    Jason Kapano
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    need the luke walton check my site for a trade thanks

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    If you are looking to trade them, I could use the LeBron and Hinrich gold's.
    I have a few Carmelo's I could offer. Let me know what else would interest you. You could also look at my www, but it is not up to date

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    deveandepot1-it wont take much. got any 03-04 basketball rookies because proboly any of them will do.

    sportscollector03-the kapano books for $8 so like i said to deveandepot1 just a good any 03-04 rookie with a simialr book value will do.

    coop13-i dont know if i want to trade those two yet. the lebron's bv is $60 and the hinirch is $8. let me know what carmelo's you have or any 03-04 rookies that could come close to the lebron book value.

    thanx for the responses you guys.

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    I have to following Carmelo's:

    Flair Wave of the Future
    UD Victory Rookie Orientation
    UD MVP

    I also have:
    Topps LeBron
    MVP LeBron
    I have a bunch of topps and mvp rc's. Check my www. I think I have a few of the 03-04 rc's listed there

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    i want your chrome darko if thats not for trade..i want your regular darko...or the hayes chrome...........

    i have a amare stoudamire, mike dunleavy, fred jones, chris wilcox upper deck series 2 rookies

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