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Thread: Looking For Some Trades.......

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    Looking For Some Trades.......

    I havent done a trade in 4 days and I'm very anxious to make one. Please check out my site and tell me if you see anything, and please make a offer on the gu/autos(I'll probably be adding more soon)

    I am Looking For:

    Newer Current Tigers Cards
    Set Needs

    Please help me out, Bonuses will be given at random in trades!

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    I have from your set needs 2002 Leaf:
    30,38,58,90,115,117,121,144 and 150. I also have some old timers from the 03 SP Legendary Cuts set #'s 45 George Kell and 123 Ty Cobb. Just received a 03 Donruss Classics Travis Chapman auto #176--287/477 but he is still in a Phillies uniform. LMK if you have any extra 02 Select Rookies & Prospects autos. Thanks.....Dan

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    hehateme, I need all of them that are still currently with the tigers, can you get me a list and I'll see which ones I need.

    Dan, I have no doubles to the set and the only ones I'd probably need are the leaf and maybe the chapman.

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    you said you wouldn't trade the luis gonzalez jersey for tigers rcs froom 03 dlp correct? just wanted to make sure.


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    tigersfan12....I'd have to have a auto for the Chapman and if we trade I'll through in the 9 Leaf cards. LMK and thanks.....Dan

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    I already have most of them, the only ones I'd maybe consider would be the rarer bondermans and Larrisons from that set, otherwise, nope, sorry.

    And To Everyone else, I am getting something messed up with this computer and I may not reply for a little while, if I dont sorry.

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    Dan, the only auto I have is a 1999 UD MVP Prosign Kevin Witt auto BV 10, what is the BV on the Chapman?

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    tigersfan12...Don't need the Witt auto. I'll take a SASE for the 9 02 Leaf. If interested LMK and I'll Pm you my address. Thanks again.....Dan

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    Could I send you $1 to cover it in a bubble mailer? That would be a lot safer on my part.

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