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Thread: 2003 UD prospect premieres

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    2003 UD prospect premieres

    Does anyone have ANY of these that they would sell for cc. PLMK if you do and which ones you have Thanks A lot!! :)

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    If you have any extras or get any extras......could you give me first dibs on them...this is all I need to complete the base set:

    4--Aaron Hill
    10--Anthony Gwynn
    14--Brian Buscher
    18--Fraser Dizard
    21--Conor Jackson
    25--Daric Barton
    27--David Murphy
    36--Javi Herrera
    37--Jeff Allison
    49--Miguel Vega
    50--Mitch Maier
    54--Sean Rodriguez
    55--Steve Lerud
    56--Thomas Pauly
    63--Willie Joe Ronda
    65--Ian Stewart
    68--Michael Aubrey
    80--Josh Whitesell

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    Yes if i get dupes i will. Do you have any extras at the moment?

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    I don't have any extras. I broke a box and didn't pull any dupes.

    If I get any you will get first dibs on them.

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