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Thread: My dry spell is over!!!

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    My dry spell is over!!!

    Woohoo!!!! A local mall here was having a (relatively decent sized) card show through the 12th,so I finally got my parents to take me tonight,lol.I only had like $20 though,so I had a bit of a budget...$17 of it is gone now,lol.Anyway,I picked up like 4 packs and some singles.Not much,but what I pulled makes up for it...

    2 packs of 03 UD Patch Collection -
    *1st pack - base cards,and the ever popular thick piece of plastic (because we all know THAT's gonna be a collectable someday...)

    *2nd pack - base cards AND....*drumroll please* All Upper Deck Deuce McAllister patch card :D woohoo!!!!!! the dry spell is over!!!! but wait,there's more.

    2 packs of 03 Gridiron Kings -
    *1st pack - base cards (Warren Moon legends card)
    *2nd pack - base cards AND...*second drumroll* Gridiron Cut Collection Antonio Bryant GU!!!!! :D :D

    and the singles I picked up were nothing special
    - 03 UD Honor Roll Matt Wilhelm RC s/n 1448/2003
    - 03 UD Honor Roll Quentin Griffin RC s/n 1878/2003
    - 03 Playoff Prestige Gridiron Collection Tim Couch insert

    very happy with the two pulls though,I've gone about three or four months without pulling a GU,so I was defenitely glad to get these! :)

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    sarah.. the Ud patch collection thingys book like crap lol... my tomlinson books 6 lol... i dont know what deuce books though... lol... but nice pull on the bryant

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    Nice job sarah, I know its always nice to pull a gu card out of a pack, especially when its in hobby considering how so many people are starting to switch to pack picking

    Congrats again

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