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Thread: Brett Myers and Chase Utley

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    Brett Myers and Chase Utley

    Looking for ANYTHING of these guys, Lmk what you have and what you need in return!

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    2001 Bowman Heritage #304 Chase Utley RC BV $2.50

    I have that one....LMK

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    HemiBTL - Thats the ONLY Utley that i do have....any others?

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    hehe, no buddy....that was my only one! Bummer!! You wouldn't happen to have any B.J. Upton stuff for trade would you?

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    Not a one......I'll be getting a few boxes of newer products on Wednesday, if i happen to get anything I'll be sure to PM you.

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    lazer - interested, I tried sending you a PM about it but your PM box is full! The BV on the Utley is 0.50, I will trade you a 2003 Fleer Focus JE Victor Martinez Prospect RC BV 2.00 for it. Lmk

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    Dmiles - Whats the number and year on that? Is it just the regular base card?

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