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Thread: Vlad to the Angels

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    Vlad to the Angels

    I just heard on the radio that Vlad Guerrero is going to sign with the Angels. I know there are some Angels fans on here and I was going to see if I could get some offers on some of his rcs. I have 6 Bowman rcs and 3 bowmans Best rcs. lmk if you are intrested. I am looking for rcs of good hitters

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    interested in the rcs. lmk what you are looking to get ( a specific list of players would be helpful). i also have some delmon youngs and rickie weeks rcs to trade that i pulled from 03 dlp.


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    I am intrested in the Kotchman Bowmans best auto, let how much you want for it. thanks

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    What do his Bowmans Best RC go for??


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    crazylox: i'm only interested in trading, either way the kotchman books 30.00 so what else can i add?

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    lmk if you like anything on my site that you would trade for a bowmans Best RC..Thanks


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