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Thread: minew_m please read

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    minew_m please read

    ur notes under ur name say u collect braves. i have a upper deck ultimate collection gu #99 of if im not mistaken of either maddox or glavine. i know there former braves but i think it still shows them in braves uniform i maybe wrong and it may be mets uniform but i will check when i get home if ur intereested let me know.

    i also have a couple nice chipper jones gu u could buy.

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    I am interested. Are you interested in only selling or are you willing to trade? PLMK and thanks!

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    honestly right now just selling. cause im trying unload a bunch of stuff. cause im moving.

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    Well, I guess I'll have to pass for now then. I really don't have all that much cash to spend. Thanks anyway!

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    That reminds me, I almost picked up a Maddux Patchworks 4 color patch Tier 2 #/100 at the show yesterday.......the guy thought it booked $30 but it books $50..............But I got some HOF autos out of him instead......And sadly I had to give up my bowman carmelo rc....but ill keep an eye out minew!!!

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    Thanks Paul. I got a Dirk card that you might like too. I'll PM you about it!

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    mikeredsoxs - a better way is to PM (Private Message) the person

    that way, the person is automatically directed to the PM

    much tougher for a person to find the threads

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