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Thread: Game used

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    baseballcardz----what would you offer for 400cc. I might see some of mine

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    stomile swift ud playmakers 229/350
    it has a small crease will sell for 400

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    I have been getting rid of alot of cards in grab bags, just sold a Basketball grab bag with game used last night for 500cc I doubt many people would give up gu cards for 400cc but then again I could be wrong. Im just dumping some basketball cards cheap {I hate Basketball} you would probally do better selling your cc and trying your luck on ebay. Depending on who you want you can always get a decent low end gu for $2 to $3 on ebaY.

    Ill give you a random gu {my choice} from Baseball or Basketball for 400cc dlvd.
    lmk if this interests you.

    BTW Theres alot of LT gu right now going for around $1 to $5 on ebay. I just looked last night cause I was going to bid on some LT gu to get your Milons gu.

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    well first off all, I hate Ebay. second is that I saw someone trying to get a GU card for 50cc, so I figured I would try this

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    Sorry didnt mean to pinch a nerve lol at any rate will you take any LT jersey or should I look for specific ones?

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