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Thread: how do u guys get so much cc

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    how do u guys get so much cc

    i have a hard enough time gettin to 100 cc, how do u guys get in the thousands?

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    Refer a lot of members, click on the CC ads once a day, trade and sell for CC, and try to make really good posts you can get a lot of CC that way.

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    How much cc do you get for every member you get to join the site?

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    you also may get cc by playing the GUESS THE SCORE CONTESTS (GTS) there is one usually everyday, also, (even though it has'nt happened in a while) there is random trivia. This used to happen every day, but the search engines make it too easy to win.

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    ways to earn CC:

    1. refer friends (preferably, this is done in a legitimate manner - refer folks who love sports, love to trade, love to talk about sports. No reason to refer a grandma, who's never going to be on the site once she's done registering, just to get cc)

    and remember, DO NOT fake referrals, we can find out!

    2. play the Guess The Score contests in Trivia and Contests Forum - there's at least 2 GTS contests run daily....lots of points to be won

    3. "sell' your cards for CC

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    Lots of people still have there cc from when it was given out for every post as well.

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