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Thread: Looking To Trade for an Auto..

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    Looking To Trade for an Auto..

    Here is my tradepage...Even though I have almost all braves autos, they are still for trade...

    LMK what you have to trade(looking for star player autos).

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    2003 Finest Andy Marte Auto RC BV $40
    1998 SP Chirography Andruw Jones Auto BV $25
    2001 Topps Finest Rafael Furcal Auto BV $15
    2002 Playoff Absolute Marcus Giles Auto BV $15

    I lkie any of these..lmk what you need..


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    The only auto I saw was the Pujols but i know you wouldn't give that else?

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    you didnt see anything else on my site, are you sayin my stuff sucks??? lol


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    no..not at have great stuff...but I don't want to trade a jones or marte auto for an have some sweet game used but I only trade autos for autos. I would like to get my hands on the pujols auto..whats its BV?

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    bv on Pujols 120-130, only lookin to get Prior RC Auto, or another pujols auto......You dont like my Ortega, lol......Hes a great guy.....!!


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    I have the following if you are interested in any:

    Eric Hinske 2003 Leaf Certified Miror Blue BV $30
    Adam Dunn 2001 Fleer Patinum Luberjack Auto BV $100
    Miguel Tejada 1998 Donruss Sig Auto BV $20
    Mike Lowell 2000 Fleer Fresh Ink BV $15

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