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Thread: Sweet Pulls for trade

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    Sweet Pulls for trade

    From 2003 Sweet Spot i pulled a Sweet Spot Rookie Signature Byron Leftwich!!!
    The Rookie Signatures are #ed of average to 250.

    The other sweet pull i had this weekend was a 2003 Bowman Chrome Dominack Davis Rookie Autograph!!!

    Both are for trade, however neither have a book value yet.

    Offer up some cards if you want them.

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    For the Leftwich I could offer Brett Favre RCs of Stadium Club and UD. LMK.

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    is the byron auto a redemption?

    i can trade you a daunte culpepper auto rc (99 ud inkredible).


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    I have a 1991 Ultra Brett Favre RC PSA 9 MINT.....

    LMK if your interested.

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    Lost Soul- i need a little more than just the Favre rookies...

    pujolsmussina535- Yeah it's a redemption. What does the Culpepper book, I may be interested.

    paul06901- Sorry can't use the Ultra Favre PSA 9

    jandjkcards- What do you have to offer?

    There's only one of these on ebay right now, so i'll either sell mine at the price that ends at or trade it for 2x the end Ebay price in packers. I will trade it for 2.25x end ebay price for cards that aren't of packers. LMK what else you guys have to offer...

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    What BV are you looking for in the Domanick Davis auto? I may be interested.


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