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    pricing help

    I just came across a autographed soccer ball i got when i was younger. its signed by the LA Galaxys Alexi Lalas when he used to play for New England. I have no proof other than my own visual proof seeing him sign it which does decrease the value w/o a COA. This guy is interested but I have no clue what type of value to put on it.He is willing to pay cash. If anyone can help me out thank you.

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    I know this probably won't help much but I found these:

    Magazine with COA $60

    Card with COA $30

    I would say maybe $45 would be alright.
    Even though it doesn't have a COA, a signed ball is probably alot rarer then those items.

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    thanks for the info. i had a guy interested and i suggested 50 then i havent heard from him or know if he read my request. you wouldnt be interested would you? lol.

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