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    Couple Higher End Rookie Auto's For Sale

    Seeing if anyone on here is looking to buy these before I turn to eBay. I really hate to sell them because they are some of my favorite cards, but I am flat broke right now. So I guess I have to sell off some of my high end stuff.

    I'm looking to sell these 3 cards. The first 2 are 2003 Upper Deck SP Signature Edition Anquan Boldin Green Autograph #AB #'d to 50. I have 2 of them... #23 and #49.

    The 3rd card is a 2003 Upper Deck SP Signature Edition Bryant Johnson/Anquan Boldin Dual Signature #BJ/AB #26/75.

    I've included a picture of 1 of the Green Sig Boldin and a picture of the Johnson/Boldin signature card.

    All 3 cards are in beautiful condition. Let me know if any of you are interested in any of these 3 cards.

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    how much are you looking to get out of those beauties?

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    I don't have a football Beckett so I don't know what their values are. I bought them before the book came out on them and not even sure if they are even in Beckett yet. I'm just looking for a reasonable offer that'll help out a guys wallet.

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    Boldin green ink $100 a piece
    dual $60

    EDIT: Not to be confused, this isn't an offer, these are the BVs.

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    LOL... figures considering what I paid for them. I thought they'd come out better when I bought them. I believe I paid $35 for the Johnson/Boldin and $65 average per Boldin Green auto.

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    It's been so long since I actually sold cards not on eBay that I don't even know what a reasonable price to ask for them is.

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    Originally posted by jandjkards
    will just lmk with a price any price
    please edit you sig to 4 lines or less according to the SCF rules...thanks

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