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    Nice Brooks/Frank Robinson dual patch FT

    Hi---I would like to trade this for a St L Cardinal or HOF patch or auto card. This is 2003 Fleer Fall Classics "Postseason Glory" dual patch #d 25/50 BV $80 (last time I checked) Pic can be seen here:

    Thanks, "Nail"

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    nail i like the dual patch check my post and see if there's anything you could use

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    j smeltz---what's bv on the Duke Snider jersey---and also the Schmidt jersey?---"Nail"

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    i don't have a snider jersey, i have a snider bat? the schmidt books at $40

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    j smeltz---Sorry---thought I read "jersey", anyway, what's the bat card worth? I like the Schmidt & Snider----"Nail"

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    j smeltz---That's about all I found that I was interested in---Thanks anyway---"Nail"

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    did you see my brock auto? i could trade you the three of mine for the dual patch? lmk

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    j smeltz---thanks anyway, I've got all the Brock auto's I need at this time----you have a great trade list, I'm sure we will make a trade in the future!---Thanks, "Nail"

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