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    Looking for Andy Marte Autos...

    LMK if u have any...thanks

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    I have his 2003 Finest RC auto bv $40 need something really nice since it's selling for full book or more on ebay lmk thanks

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    Well..I have that one already but wouldn't mind two of them..

    I could offer one of these as part of a package for it...

    2000 SP Buyback Andruw Jones Auto BV $25(scan on site)
    1999 SP Autographs Scott Rolen Auto BV $25(Scan on Site)


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    no thanks.....not looking to trade two andruw autos for a marte auto I already have....

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    ok thanks anyways I am just not looking to trade a Marte auto for junk when I can sell it for full bv cash thanks

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    I wouldn't call a Andruw Jones or Scott Rolen auto junk but okay. If I didn't have that card already, I would probably be more apt to trade for it but since I do, I don't want to trade 2 nice Andruw autos.

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