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Thread: Need LEBRON!!

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    Need LEBRON!!

    ;ooking for all lebron rc's, especially ones booking $30+. I'll trade any cards on my site, also have a marcus banks rc auto #'d / 100 and a keith bogans focus silver rc #'d /25, also lmk what other players you're looking for, i might trade some cards from my personal collection. lmk.

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    I have a lebron james HHp cream of the Bv yet

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    I have his hardcourt clear commemrotives auto, but you would have to trade a lot of cards to me.

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    i could trade the kobe jersey or amare stoudamire u wanted for either of these cards. id rather have the bigans though.

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    I have a Topps and MVP of LeBron. Also have a couple of the LeBrons Diary, if you need any of them

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    I have a lebron james fleer HHp cream of the crop lebron.....ill trade it for the banks auto..............or maybe the bogans

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    i have these

    James, Lebron
    03-04 Ultra Roundball
    03-04 UD Victory AKA

    lmk if you need these... looking to sell

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