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Thread: Looking for a Panthers Gu!!

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    Looking for a Panthers Gu!!

    It can be a GU or Auto, but what I have to trade is a gu. I have a 2003 Leading Swatches Pedro Martinez.
    This is the closest I could find like it. It looks just like this, but it's Pedro, of course.

    LMK if anyone can do this for a Panther!!

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    hmmmm...I thought you didn't want to deal with pieces of fabric glued to paper anymore? LOL.


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    I don't..But I've had a recent surge of Panthers excitement. And my friend also likes them, and he saw my Jerry hat and said he wants a saurbrun jersey. I doubt anyone has a Saurbrun GU, so I'm just looking for ANY Panthers GU or Sig!!

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    I have 2 Deshaun Foster GU. Let me know if interested. I sent you a PM.

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