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    2003 Finest ANDY MARTE Auto RC Mint FT/FS

    these are selling for around full book on ebay, this one is mint with a perfect sig, looking for a cash offer or a trade offer in autos and will need more than bv if in trade, lmk thanks

  2. Kronozio
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    it really depends on the cards you are offering

    if you were offering Mo Vaughn bat cards then it would need to be $1000 or more lol

    but if offering autos of good players then a lot less haha

    I also have these cards you might want that are in your sig line:
    5 different Delmon Young rcs
    2 different Weeks rcs
    2 different Webb rcs
    6 different Haren rcs

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    very interested, check my site...Thanks


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    boneyard I only like the Pujols auto and I think that is worth a few pennies more lol lol

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    I'm looking to buy not trade. How much would you sell it for?

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