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Thread: todays pulls

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    todays pulls

    i bought 2 packs of pristine today
    the first set of packs

    pack 1
    brian cook incased refractor #ed/1999

    pack 2
    paul pierce pristine factor jersey

    pack 3
    zoran planinic
    marcus banks
    elton brand
    steve francis
    latrell sprewell
    dirk nowitzki
    this set of packs sucked. now onto the other garbage

    pack 1
    zoran planinic incased refractor #ed/1999

    pack 2
    richard jefferson pristine gems jersey

    pack 3
    tony parker
    rasheed wallace
    kenyon martin
    carmelo anthony
    lebron james

    lmk if u need ne thanks

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    i got dibs omn the mello and lebron...whut do u want in trade value on them?

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    james books 50 and mello books 30 looking for jordan cards and bulls lmk what u have

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    jordan bulls/wizards and baseball gu other than that i collect bulls

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    l3ulls4us-im intrested in the james and mello...ill dig in my mj personal collection and see what i can come up wit for you...i have a stackof bulls already set aside for you

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    i want the pierce jersey

    i will give you:
    tommy smith bowman chrome rc

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