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Thread: Anyone buying?

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    Anyone buying?

    I still have a ton of cards I need to get rid of. LMK what you are buying and I'll let you know what I have of it. Also not much at all 2004 stuff, and only a couple gu/auto left.

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    any brett myers, chase utley, or joe mauer? Also, could you list your GU/autos?

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    Alright, who does Myers play for, and if in the past 2 years if he played with a different team he might be in their column, and I will get you the GU/Auto list ASAP!

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    Myers and Utley are on the Phillies, both were always there. And Mauer is on the Twins. Thanks!

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    2003 UD Leading Swatched Pedro Martinez Jersey (Grey) Bv is $10 and I'm looking for $4, plus $1 shipping.
    And I don't have any of Myers, or Utley!!
    Thanks and PLMK!

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    Not really into that the only GU you have?

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