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    Arrow Rick Barry

    does any body have 2 rick barry common cards? i really need 2 cheap ones.

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    i have a 78 topps, mint condition. i think its pretty cheap, like 3-5 bucks or something, i dont recall

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    i dont really usecc, but how much?? id only consider this to help you out, and i wouldnt pay for my normal shipping methods.. pm me, im sure we can work something out if you really need barry

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    like i said, to me cardcash is basically worthless. if you were gnna send me a sase to put the barry in, id basically be givin it to you outta the kindness( what little bit is left) of my heart.

    how about 109 cardcash if you cover the shipping??

    or 409 and ill ship it to you??

    how much cardcash do YOU think is fair ??

    pm me, and ill probably end up giving it to you for free since i dont need it, and were both in cali.
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    i think it is too high of cc's for me to give away...i think i'll pass

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