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    2003 Bowman D&P-1 Pack-Okay...sorta

    All are for trade. I did alright for a $2.99 pack at Target I guess.

    #BDP1-Dontrelle Willis-$1.50
    #BDP13-Lyle Overbay (CHROME)-$0.40
    #BDP18-Brandon Larson-$0.30
    #BDP42-Craig Stansberry-$1.00
    #BDP49-Steve Lerud-$1.00
    #BDP84-Edgardo Baez (GOLD)-$1.50
    #BDP112-Cliff Lee (CHROME)-$0.40

    Total Book Value: $6.10
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    I need the 2 chrome.....who are you looking for in trade?

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    I know....but im putting the set together. Who do you collect? Then I can offer you something.

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    ill get back to you...maybe i was thinking of doing it as a lot...but not sure

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    I actually need all of those that you got, except for the Dontrelle.

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    tigers-i believe you were also interested in the dmitri young 2002 topps you want to work out something together with that?

    i like this:
    2001 SP Game Used Jersey Edguardo Alfonzo BV 10
    or the Neifi

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    dannyboy, right now I'd like to mainly trade inserts for my set needs, but I'd go a little in your favor (BV 1-2) for those ones I need and the Dmitri for inserts.

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    tigersfan-if i found something else would you be willing to trade the game used? as you can see by my sig, im trying to get rid of my base/inserts

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