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Thread: Card Show buys

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    Card Show buys

    I think I did pretty decent,considering we had a limited amount of $$ to spend.My dad got some nice cards also...

    He got:
    2003 Leaf Certified Materials Fabric of the Game Jim Brown /57 (his draft year) two colors,with a piece of the stitching in jersey piece in the #5
    2003 Bowman Lee Suggs X-Fractor /250
    2003 Donruss Elite Lee Suggs RC /500

    I got:
    2003 Gridiron Kings Royal Expectations Kyle Boller JSY (BV is $20,I got it for $6)
    2003 SPX Winning Materials Jeremy Shockey JSY (BV is $20,I got it for $7,hehe)

    2003 UD Patch Collection Jason Gesser patch card
    2003 Bowman LaBrandon Toefield Signs of the Future
    2001 Pacific Prism Freddie Mitchell GU 3 color jsy

    The last 3 I got 3 for $8.00 :D

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    Wow, that wasnt bad at all sarah.. How much did your dad pay for the brown card.. My guess is thats a pretty sweet looking card in its self. You did get a lot of nice trade bait too to help the couch collection

    many congrats

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    my dad paid $85 for the Brown card,which was why we had a limited budget,lol.The guy that was selling it was nice enough to hold it for him for a while though,so that was cool.If i can pry it away from him I'll put a scan up of it.It's defenitely a sweet looking card.

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    That really isnt bad for the fact that even a fair serial number ((100 ish)) or so jersey card of him goes for like 50 bucks.. I wouldnt mind seeing a scan of it either LOL


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    Very nice Jim Brown card, Sarah! Definitely a nice pick up by your dad...

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    Wow, that is a very sweet card.. The trade bait that thing would bring ;)... All i know is one of his worst games came at a very memorable moment for me.. 1965 championship where he only rushed for like 52 yards and the packers won :D

    hehe sorry couldnt help it :)

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