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Thread: Cheaper autos FS/FT.

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    Cheaper autos FS/FT.

    Ok,I know nobody likes Royal Rookies but heres the deal. I have 15 different certified pack pulled autos. I'll sell all 15 for $15 and I'll add the 2 best ones I have, Marlon Byrd and Angel Berroa for $15 delivered. So thats 17 autos, all for less than $1.00 each. OR I'll trade 3 autos of your choice(Except the Bryd & Berroa) for "1" 2002 Select Rookies & Prospects(Another cheaper auto set) that I need. Thanks and here is the list I have.....Dan
    2001 Royal Rookies Throwbacks numbered to 5950.
    Jason Woolf #2-Cardinals
    Jose Mieses #4-Brewers
    Marlon Byrd #8-Phillies
    Kevin Connacher #9-Cubs
    Jose Leon #14-Orioles
    Luke Allen #16-Dodgers
    Peter Bauer #18-Blue Jays
    Adrian Burnside #20-Dodgers
    Andel Berroa #21-A's
    Ryan Ballard #26-D-Rays
    Michael Napoli #28-Angels
    2001 Royal Rookies Barn Stormers numbered to 3950.
    Garett Gentry #B2-Astros
    Vince Faison #B5-Padres
    Darron Cox #B6-Rockies
    Jay Sitzman #B10-Phillies
    2001 Royal Rookies Boys Of Summer numbered to 2950.
    Andy Beal #BOS6-Yankees
    Kevin Burford #BOS9-Rockies

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    or how about all of them for one of my graded or raw star rcs valued at?? check my page

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    mrnelly187..You have some GREAT cards!!!! I don't think these autos will even touch any of your cards. If you really want them, offer me something. I would be embarresed to ask for any of your cards. Thanks again and if interested LMK.....Dan

    If anyone else is interested I'll sell all (17 autos) for $12.50 delivered. Paypal is best. Thanks.....Dan

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