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    Trying to complete these sets..

    2002 UD World Series Heroes

    2001 Topps golds…35,192,219,368,391,393,403,726

    2001 Donruss..
    99 retros..
    2000 retros..

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    you have extra 99 retro cards? check my site to see if you can help me. I have #92 for you if you can.

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    I have tried to make a deal with you twice. You never answered back. If you are serious, this is what I have. Ken
    2001 Donruss...
    1999 Retros..6(2),7,8,16,20,30,51,55
    Fan Club..207,214,220

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    I am sorry for not responding before, I am usually pretty good about getting back to people. I have all those retro cards. Thanks for looking. I would not want to give up #92 from my set but if you have other wants I would be interested in the 3 fan club cards from regular 01 donruss. LMK

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    what would you like for that rc and the three fan club cards?

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    Other that is on my want list, i collect mariner/older Dodger gu, or some really nice Olerud cards.

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    sorry for the delay kjwash. I could use the 01 donruss rc #177. I might be able to find a few olerud cards to trade, let me know.

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