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    I've got 29 of these cards, couple of dupes, total BV of $87. Will trade at $40-45 for Carlos Boozer or Michael Redd stuff that I need, or sell for $18 including shipping. Specifically looking for a Redd 00-01 SPx RC, or auto's of either player. Will also trade for the other players in my sig.
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    i happen to have that spx redd rc, but i wouldn't trade it for low end lebron rc's, ifif for anything at all, i collect redd also. Maybe you could sell me some of those for cc? or maybe trade for some cards from my site,i have a couple redd ud rc's i might cponsider trading too. lmk.

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    FYI, I put a lot of 16 (10 different) of these on eBay tonight with a BIN of $10 and it sold in less than an hour...

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    kobe - I'll give you one of the diary cards for 2 Redd UD RC's. Didn't see anything else I can use? Got any Boozer cards?

    johnboy - thanks for the info.

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