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Thread: RARE Marte Auto For Sale

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    RARE Marte Auto For Sale

    I have a 2003 Finest Andy Marte Auto For Sale. This is a variation. It is signed in black ink. I have never seen a black ink version. I am taking offers on it. What is it worth?

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    I'm interested....BV $40

    Check my site...
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    cbethun1: I didn't really see anything I could use there. I'm really looking to sell this one. Have you ever seen one in black ink? I've looked all over: Yahoo, Beckett, eBay....and they're all blue....

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    Okay...I already have one so no biggie there. Never seen one signed in black but I have not really looked that much.

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    actually, a blue auto sometimes turns black for some odd reason. I used to have a blue ink tejada autograph a while back, and after a while it faded to black ink. Kinda odd. I'm guessing maybe it's just a weird sort of ink or something.

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    Who knows, it might be rare....I'd hold on to it until I found out...just my .02

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    rodent, that may be it....I'm not sure...I just recently aquired it....I'm gonna hang onto it I guess....I hope he turns out to be the Gem he is predicted to be!

    Thanks guys!!

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