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    Looking for 2004 Topps Zach Duke cards

    I am looking for as many cards of the 2004 Topps Zach Day cards as I can find. Day is a prospect of the Pittsburgh Pirates. And as always I am looking for anyone in my sig.

    Also I need Joe Beimel
    2002 Topps Total #626
    2003 Topps Total # 497

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    Dont you mean Zach Duke? Zach Day is a starting pitcher for the Expos.

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    Thanks Tigerfan. Your right I was not thinking.
    Zach Duke.

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    I have a 2004 Topps Zach Duke. Do you want it? I prefer to sell it, but willing to trade.

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    Sammy isking
    I would rather trade or pay cc.

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