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Thread: Bulk team trade

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    Bulk team trade

    I am presently sorting my collection of regular issue cards by teams. I am working on Tampa, Jets and Raiders at this time. I have sorted approx. 1,000 cards of each team so far and still have a lot of boxes to go through. If interested in a trade LMK. Of course I am looking for Cowboys in trade. Thanks.:hop:

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    Are you looking for any Cowboy cards? Or just current players? I'd be interested in Niners or Raiders.

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    I am looking for any year Cowboys cards. I have tons of cards anf I rather have them of my team if I have to store them. I could probably come up a lot of Raiders and 49er cards. The cards are from early 90s to present. Only there are no 2003 yet. If you are interested please email me for further action. Thanks

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