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    Commons for 2 CC each - Stars more

    I have commons, semi stars and stars from 2003 products, SP Authentic, SPX, Contenders,Elite,Classics, Honors and a couple more. I am looking to sell them for CC. Shipping will be a bit more CC for a plain envelope.
    Shipping= 3 cc per card

    Vick cards are 10 CC each + shipping

    Let me know the player you want.
    Thanks, John

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    I would also be looking for Steelers but he beat me. LMK if you guys don't work anything out. Thanks.

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    all packer cards that are in mint condition... Michael bennett and chris chambers


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    SteelersRock2453 and Spenguin22, I have multiples of Ward-Burress-Maddox-Randle El-Bettis--Bell

    rodent14, Foster is sold out

    AllStar004, Couch in Honors-Finest-Hogg Heaven-Ultra-SPX-Elite-Leaf Certified-Classics

    portisfan26, Portis in Contenders-Leaf R&S

    pr0phet, Packers in most of the listed products. Favre only left in Leaf R&S--SP Authentic---Contenders
    Chaambers and Bennett also available.

    Thanks, John

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    got leaf r&s, 2 boxes of contenders should be here tuesday, besides I made a 500 cc bet on the superbowl, gave someone +7 and the panthers, so I wont be dumping any cc til I win that bet, just to make sure I have enough to cover.

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