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    2 Prior Autographs Available for trade

    I have these 2 Prior autos, seeking the best offer in return for trade. One I will be keeping, unless I got a deal I can't refuse for both. Not looking for any GU'ed

    03 Topps Certified Autograph Issue Mark Prior BV $60
    03 Fleer Hot Prospects Playergraphs Auto /400 Mark Prior BV $60 (incoming)
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    I can give you a 1998 Bowman's Best Chipper Jones Auto BV $40 and one of my $25 Andruw Autos for the playergraph..

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    Thanks for the offer, but I'd pass on the 2 of those for either of the Priors. Thanks anyways

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    Okay...Do I have anything that you would consider trading either one for?


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    Ryan- Talking to you on AIM

    cbethun1- I do like the Marte still, but I'd have to think about whether or not I'd want to trade a Prior to get it (and I'm not even sure you'd be interested)

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    hey matt, i decided to break up my 2002 ud usa auto set. are you interested in the bloomquist auto #/375??? bv=$25. plmk

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    Check my site, I still have that Alomar you wanted. I like both of them, but would really like the Topps.


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    halonut- Thanks for letting me know, yes I am interested in the Bloomquist

    Paul- Thanks for the interest, but didn't see anything I could use for either Prior right now

    Sam- I like the Arod Topps auto, but I doubt you'd be looking to trade down on a card like that

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