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Thread: Prior RC for trade!

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    Prior RC for trade!

    2001 Fleer Platinum RC Mark Prior RC (BV $25, but need more)

    if interested let me know. I am currently looking for the higher end late 1970s RCs...also need graded RCs...lemme know if interested, I have plenty of other RCs to throw in!


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    have any rookies you would trade for a PSA 9 Donruss Pudge RC?


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    hehateme...actually i now have two, but yeah, one is from you...completely forgot to leave feedback...but just did...thanks for the trade! leave feedback when you get your cards (if not already, prolly tuesday cause no mail monday)


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    dh...I could trade this one for it...

    1994 UD Alex Rodriguez ($15)

    lemme know!


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    JB- i pmed you but you never replied, i will do that pudge for arod. pm me.


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