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Thread: Anyone know BV on this?

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    Anyone know BV on this?

    I've had this sitting around for a while,but now someone wants to trade for it and I need BV.It's a 2001 Topps Michael Vick RC,but in the upper right hand corner it says "Topps Gallery Heritage" and it's made like a Topps Gallery card also,the # on it is 311.I've checked on and in the magazine and I still haven't found anything.If anyone knows anything about it plmk.Thanks.


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    i searched and searched for awhile i put in Vick, Micahel for the player, 2001 for the set/year, and i put #311 for card number
    I got the regular Topps which that isn't a reg topps. A topps collection #311 and that certainly isn't it because it would say topps collection. I have the whole set of 2002 Topps Collection and that doesn't look like any topps collection card, well the last card i got in the search was a 2001 Topps MVP Promotion #311 and after reviewing the 1st 2 i'd say that ur card must be the Promo, i checked bv and it was 80 bucks!

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    I could only hope it's the promo,lol...but if anyone has ANY more info on this card PLEASE lmk,it's really starting to bug me!! LOL.

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    o yea after new evidence of the card # GHMV i found it out to be 2002 Topps Gallery Heritage GHMV Michael Vick it books 6 bucks sarah
    Total Item(s): 1
    Total Value :$6.00
    all in all it was a waste of urs and my time!

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