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Thread: 2004 Prime Cuts Baseball

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    Question 2004 Prime Cuts Baseball

    Anyone sprung for a box of this stuff yet? I'm interested in buying a box but don't have the $150 to blow right now.

    If I win the $100 Super Bowl square poll I'm in you better believe I'll buy a box :D

    I've seen a lot of the quality cards pulled already though so it scares me that I'll buy a box and get a total crap card.

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    I can understand your trepidation on this. I myself agonized for quite a while until I finally gave in a just bought a box. The rush was definately there but so was the anxiety. As it turns out, I got one of the not so great boxes(a Willie McCovey dual g/u 7/19).
    I will say this though, the cards are really nice but I can think of other boxes that are a little cheaper and have some nice stuff as well.
    Just my opinion though


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    I always do bad on high priced boxes though. My luck in pulling nice cards is horrible!

    I don't know what boxes were when it first came out a couple months ago, but I see boxes sell on eBay now for around $140. The thing though is I don't see all that many of the main card sell for more than that. I mean if you pull a Ruth cut, of course you're going to make your money back plus some... but for every Ruth, there's 1000 that won't sell over $75.

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    I got 2 boxes. They could have been better but I wasent too dissapointed.
    Greg Maddux Auto /31
    Greg Maddux Prime Jersey/Auto /50
    Yup it was a bit wierd getting two Maddux autos.

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    Iggy- you should get 03 leaf limited football instead. here is the break that beckett made on their box
    rex grossman auto
    justin gage auto #ed/25
    joe montana two color jsy
    doak walker red practice jsy #ed/37
    Joe Namath/John Riggins dual jsy
    Tyron Calico auto #ed/150

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    Damn... sounds like a real nice break. Knowing my luck with boxes though I'll get jack.

    I need to find someone who's real lucky and get them to buy the boxes for me from now on.

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