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    AWESOME Playoff Portraits NPN!!!

    today i got a Stan Musial 2003 Playoff Portraits jersey/bat 08/50!!!!



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    Awesome !!!!! Received today....also

    2003 Fleer Avant Jason Giambi $2.50

    2003 Playoff Protrait Beige Nick Johnson 088/250 $2.50 - 4.00 approx.

    2003 Playoff Portraits Autos Gold Victor Martinez 03/25 $ (you tell me!!!!) Should be high!!!

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    good job!!!!

    seems like everyone got something great from Playoff Portraits. thats why i love NPN's.


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    Congrats. I also got some pretty good playoff portraits NPNs

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    You better believe from now on I'm going to send away for Donruss NPN's. These are the first I heard people getting.

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    I also received a great NPN from this set!!!

    Jeff Baker "Colorodo Rockies" 03 Playoff Portraits Auto #135 #'d 043/100

    The auto is a pull out!!!

    Thanks Donruss/Playoff :D

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