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    2 Signed *Certified Cards For Trade

    1. Bobby Crosby Upper Deck USA Baseball Signatures
    2. Sean Burroughs 1999 SP Choriography AU

    List Deals (Need Greinke 2002 P.P. AU But I am looking for certified autos.

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    Bump, the Crosby is numbered to 375 and with the way he is playing, this card won't be affordable in the near future.

    BTW- No scans.
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    you have a few autographs on your site i can use including the crosby. what are you looking to get in return, do you have a specific set you want, etc....

    *prior/vick autos are no longer for trade*

    pick out some cards you liked from me and hopefully we can work something out.

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    These are the only two I am interested in trading, but I will do the Crosby, Burroughs, my Prior 2002 Signature Marks AU/100, and $20 for one of your Pujols Autos. Also like Ryan Jersey AU, Soriano Rookie AU,

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    not quite there in bv value for the pujols/ryan/soriano. would you sell the crosby and also the cards on your site? if so how much?

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    Only will sell Prior AU I listed, Crosby AU, and Burroughs. You name price. Only accept cash though as I have no paypal, checking account.

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    Ok, no problem. Anyone else interested. I will do the Crosby AU< Burroughs AU, and my Prior Signature Marks from 2002 Donruss Originals in a package deal for a high end certified auto.

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