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Thread: Pack pulls today

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    Pack pulls today

    I got eight packs of Fleer Authentix and three Hoops Prospects today and this is what I got:

    Fleer Authentix:

    Ticket Stubs:

    Courtside Classics die cut:

    Vince Carter

    and...Tony Parker jersey auto redemption card

    Not bad for only 8 packs!!!


    Dirk/McGrady sweet selections insert
    LeBron Creme of the Crop

    All and all, I was pretty happy with the pulls. I guess all are for trade if someone has something I like for them

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    cardking---there is no link to your site on the bottem???

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    I found your site from another post. I like the Sweeney autos and the Collison auto. Also like the Kaman x-fractor and the roundball Dwyane Wade

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    **disregard please**
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    I dont think it was me
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    id be interested in the parker as well, please check my site (just not my PC :) )

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    bdrr----I didnt see any auto's on your trade list, but did see a couple on your pc...

    Howard, Josh 03 UD Top Prospects Signs of Success -$8
    O'Neal, Jermaine 02-03 Glass Auto Focus -$30
    O'Neal, Jermaine 00-01 Fleer Autographics -$15

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    i dont really wanna give those up for a redemption, especially from fleer ( i have a rant posted in the basketball forum)
    is there anything in particular i can look to try to pick up for ya?

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