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    Talking Highend PEYTON MANNING AUTOS 4-Trade!!! (Scan #1)

    Hello All,

    Here are my highend PEYTON MANNING AUTOS for trade. I'm primarily looking for AUTOS of DAN MARINO in trade. I will consider autos of Brett Favre, Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, John Elway, Michael Vick and select Miami Dolphins HOF'ers/past players or current players. *** I WILL ALSO CONSIDER HIGHEND GAMEUSED OF THE ABOVE-MENTIONED PLAYERS, BUT TRADE MUST BE IN MY FAVOR. PLMK if interested by sending me your tradelist or website.

    Thank you,



    1998 Bowman Rookie AUTO #A1 graded BCCG (BGS)10 GEM MINT!!! Serial #547279. (This is the ONLY ONE graded a perfect GEM MINT 10 BY BCCG!!!) !!! 1/1 !!!
    (Would probably take a very nice Marino auto to get this one)

    2003 SP Signature Edition SP 'GREEN' AUTO #'d 18/50! (Manning's Jersey #!!!)

    2003 UD Ultimate Collection 'JERSEY/AUTO' #'d 20/25 (blue swatch)

    2003 UD Superstars SP AUTO #'d 04/25

    2003 UD Sweet Spot 'SIGNATURES' GOLD AUTO'D HELMET CARD #'d 19/25

    2002 SP Authentic 'SIGN OF THE TIMES' GOLD AUTO #'d 23/25

    2003 SP Authentic 'SIGN OF THE TIMES' GOLD AUTO #'d 22/25

    2003 SP Authentic 'SIGN OF THE TIMES' GOLD AUTO #'d 23/25

    2003 SP Game Used Edition 'AUTO'D PATCH CARD' #'d 62/75 (blue patch)

    2003 UD Honor Roll 'LETTERMAN' AUTO #HRL-PM

    2003 UD Ultimate Collection 'ULTIMATE SIGNATURES' SP AUTO #US-PM

    2003 UD Finite 'FINITE AUTO' #FA-PM2

    2003 UD Finite 'FINITE JERSEY' #FJ-PM

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    please post all buy/sell/trade posts in the TRADING FORUM

    moving this to over there


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    I thought this was the Football Card Trading Forum??? My applogies regardless, but I thought this was the correct forum. Can you direct me to the proper link??? Much obliged...


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    Rack, ya might want to take a look at your scan, the top border of the cards is all that are shown in the scan.

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    Yeah same here.. the only thing that i get is the top of the card from the scan.. cant see a thing from it


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    Oh, wow!!! Thanks for the heads-up on the scans, guys! I just got my new scanner and it's a bit tricky to get the scans saved correctly. I'll try it again...


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    hehateme: PLMK what exact Smith patch you have (bv???)...perhaps we can work something out if it's one I can use. I have a buddy who collects Emmitt, so LMK when you can.


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