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Thread: Selling Everything!!!!

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    Selling Everything!!!!

    I am getting rid of everything. Help me move it today!

    Let me know who you are looking for (baseball/football) and I'll see what I have.

    All Autos/Gu are on my website.

    Inserts/Base of stars and some others are not listed - will sell for a fraction of BV!

    Sets as well!!!

    Don't have too many newer rookies.


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    Iggy - no sorry I sold all my prior and woods awhile back

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    rockman - no he would've been in the common boxes I sold off recently sorry

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    Please give me your best price on the Hinske, Lowell, and Dunn AUTOs.


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    RCs - no I was able to move those awhile back very quickly

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    Baseball: Dontrelle Willis, Miguel Cabrera, Juan Pierre, Carlos Beltran, Victor Martinez, Jody Gerut

    Football: Steve Smith, Quentin Griffin, Charles Tillman, Nate Burleson, Kelly Campbell

    PLMK what you have.


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