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    !NEW! Make your own Lots for cc.

    I have plenty of players, plenty of sets, and plenty of years.
    Heres what im gonna do, Im gonna let you pick who you want for a small fee of cc, Im doing this becuase im trying to slim down my collection in 1/2 from a total of 1,102,024 cards to about 500,000, Last month i sold about 4,000 for cc and gave 25,000 to a charity for kids. So im trying to nail down more.
    So you can Pick a player, anyone exp-Jeter,Sosa,Mcgwire
    You can pick a perticular set, 2002 Bowman Chrome, 2001 Topps You can pick a perticualr year, 1988-2004
    Or you can pick a favortie team, Yankees,Mariners,Dodgers,etc.
    Remember I have just about anything except a few 2003 and one 2004 set, and ,maybe a few of the pre1991 sets.
    Also, If you decide to purchase over 100 cards, you will have to pay s/h. Would you want to pay a jacked up s/h like you will find ebay, For Instance, whenever you go on ebay, you might see a bunch of cards in a lot you'd like, and you see its reasonable, but then you see a price 1 1/2 times, 2 times, and even up to 5 times s/h actual price, I wouldn't bid on nothing like that, and nor would you. So what im doing is that all cards will go Ups Ground. If you pay for s/h for over 100cards, I will tell you the exact fee, and nothing higher. (No packaging fee, No Box Fee, No Nothing) Im guarrenting as well, all cards if you graded them would receive a guarrented 7.5 or higher! Most around mint!

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    I was going to say Sosa but I saw you said except him. So do you have any Mark Prior, Kerry Wood, or Corey Patterson cards?

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    Oh sry about that. I want some Sosa cards then. LMK what you have, if I dont have it I'll pay cc for it.

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    Do you have a wantlist, it will take me about an hour to post all of his.

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    sean casey, aaron boone, todd wellemeyer, 2003 fleer mystique, also looking for bowman chrome rc's from like around the mid to late 90's. I am also looking for any refractors! Thanks!

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    I dont have a wantlist, Ill just kind of tell you. I have all the RCs except for Leaf. I have most of the cards in the mid 90s. I need a lot of the newer cards(2000+) If you have any newer cards Ill most likely need them.

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    I have the following, a 2003 ex todd wellemeyer rookie
    not to many caseys, and no boones, <------- if i could find any, i would tell you, but i have like 2 boones, and 10 caseys, have no clue where they are.

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    how much for the wellemeyer, and also if you find any of the casey's or the other sets I wanted some cards from plmk!! thanks!

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