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    2003 UD Authentics Dontrelle Willis Rookie Hype RC ser#100/150!!!!

    Not sure on the book, doesnt list in

    Looking for g/u or autos or Dirk Nowitzki cards....


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    Ill give you a 2000 Fleer Skybox Troy Glaus Game Used Jersey BV: $15 for it.


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    I am very interested in it for my Dontrelle collection. Please check out my site and see if anything interests you. PLMK.


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    Well I have no idea what its going to book at.

    Does anyone have any reasonable estimates?


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    I'd guess around 10 bucks...I have a GU of Dontrelle #'d/299 BV 15 so around 8-10 sounds right. Does anything on my site interest you? PLMK. I REALLY NEED THIS CARD!

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    Theres one thats up for auction.....look at the Buy It Now......Im not saying that someones going to purchase it for that price, but the starting bid is $4.95, and Ebay starting bids are low.....

    I think its going to be worth more than $10, im not sure how much exactly though....

    Do you have a list of anything new thats not listed on your site?.....

    Or whats the best offer you can give me in autos/gu for it? Only insert autos though.......

    Please PM me sportnut....


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