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Thread: Moving these PC Autos

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    Moving these PC Autos

    this is a list of my PC autos that i'd be willing to move for the right card. Only looking for autos in return

    Gooden, Drew 03-04 SP Game Used Edition Significance /100 -$30
    Grant, Brian 02-03 Hoops Hot Prospects Certified Cuts -NB/Rarity
    Martin, Kenyon/Haslip, Marcus 02-03 UD Inspirations Dual Auto /1600 -$25 (incoming)
    Peterson, Morris 00-01 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Platinum /200 -$22.50
    Peterson, Morris 01-02 SP Authentic SP Signatures /390 -$15
    Stackhouse, Jerry/Jeffries, Jared 02-03 Inspirations Dual Auto /1600 -$25
    Stevenson, Deshawn 02-03 SP Authentic SP Signatures -$12
    Strickland, Rod 97-98 Skybox Autographics Century Marks /100 -$50
    Thomas, Etan 02-03 UD Glass Autofocus -$15
    Williams, Jay 2002 Sage Autographs /250 -$20

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    Grant, Brian 02-03 Hoops Hot Prospects Certified Cuts -NB/Rarity

    check my site


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    i could use this:
    02-03 hhp shareef abdul rahim certified cuts auto (bv $40)

    the common from the set books $30, so if the grant is SP'ed, $40 should be fair


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    i have a jamison brewer 2001 sage hit A14 autograph
    i can trade it for these lmk thanks
    Samake, Soumalia 00-01 Fleer Futures Gold /500 -$2
    Russel, Bryon 00-01 UD Slam Extra Strength Silver /500 -$1.50
    Peeler, Anthony 00-01 Fleer Futures Copper /750 -$1.20
    Russell, Bryon 03-04 Ultra Platinum Medallion /100 -$3

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    i cant use sage, sorry
    if you have any #ed stuff, please give me a list, ill try to find something

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    it is numbered out of 250 the sage

    i also have a johnathon bender ud exclusive 03-04 numbered out of 100

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    i really dont need either of those, sorry

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    i need the gooden auto
    and anyway bddr u haven't leve me a feedback for that seteve smith auto that u bought for cc...

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    feedback left, im very sorry about that :/

    on your site the two that i really need are the robinson (100) and stoudlemire (15)
    is there a combo deal that could be worked? i could add in a Ray Allen auto bv $80 and the magette bv $12 you had wanted...


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    thx for ur offer but i dont really like ray allen and i only wanna trade the robinson auto with carter auto,or garnett auto,jason kidd auto..i'm collecting carter auto...and jalen rose auto

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