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Thread: I want Auto/Jersey cards

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    I want Auto/Jersey cards

    I have decided to go in a different direction with cards. Instead of busting cases to resell (Its way too time consuming), I am going to start collecting Autographed Jersey cards of certain guys.
    I am looking to buy rather then trade. I can Paypal funds or send check/MO. Whatever you want.
    Right now I am looking for NY Jets, Namath,Pennington,Moss,Chrebet,Martin or any others you may have. They dont have to be rookies or low numbered.

    Let me know what you have to sell!!!

    Thanks, John

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    Good luck to you on your quest. Btw, thanks again for that Hidden Gems Andre Johnson I bought off you thru beckett. Worked as excellent trade bait.

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    i have some autograph/jerseys of keyshawn. obviously he isn't a jet but he is pictured in jet uniforms on the cards

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    Check my site I am open to all offers, PM me though, thanks.

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