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Thread: Deion Sanders Game Used

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    Deion Sanders Game Used

    Anyone know if there are any game used cards of him with the Falcons?

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    I haven't seen any yet. I'm not sure if there is. I have been looking for some too. I collected him when he was a Brave and though it would be cool to own a piece of him on the Falcons.

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    I don't see why they wouldn't make one of him sooner or later. All the company needs to do is buy one of his jerseys, then spotlight him as one of the best corners ever, and put a GU of him

    he couldn't tackle worth sh*t.....but he sure could cover.

    back in 1994, he took away 1/2 the field as a CB, and My Niners had a great defense as a result of it!

    too bad he went to Dallas!

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    Well if anyone see's a GU of him with the falcons or an auto let me know ...Thanks

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