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Thread: NPN Address - ENDS SATURDAY!

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    Exclamation NPN Address - ENDS SATURDAY!

    Hurry and get this one in. You've seen all the good cards that people gout out of the Playoff baseball NPN. I got this one the other day but since it ends so soon, no use putting it on the NPN site :

    NPN, 2003 Playoff Honors Football
    2300 E Randol Mill
    Arlington, TX 76011-6333

    postmarked by 1/24/04
    received by 1/28/04

    limit 2 per household

    Canadian skill-testing question:
    24 + 576 / 12 x 12 - 53 = ?

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    hey, thanks iggy:)

    I have a question, do you send playoff an envelope, or what, because in one of the descriptions I read, it sounds like you just send them an index card with your name on it?

    PLMK, I will sending to Playoff soon:) :D


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    As far as I know, Playoff (Donruss) use the same rules to NPN's as Topps. 3x5 index card with your name and address printed on it mailed in a #10 (business size) envelope.

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