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Thread: Skybox Limited LE Box Break

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    Skybox Limited LE Box Break

    I just purchased a box of the Skybox Limited LE. One RC #/99, One Card #/ to 50 and on game used #/50 in each box.

    Lots of base singles all are die cut nice simple design, nice photos.

    Billy McMullen 30/99

    Regular Card #/50
    Dante hall #31/50

    Game Used Jersey #/50
    Amani Toomer 2 Color Blue White Shape of year in draft '96

    Game Used Jersey #/175
    Chad Pennington #009/175

    All and all not a bad box. All will be up for trade when pricing comes out or if I get an offer I can't refuse


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    Game Used Jersey #/175
    Chad Pennington #009/175

    Who do you collect maybe we can work something out, lmk.

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    Where did you get the box and how much? Did you get any Brunell?

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    Lost Soul I am pretty open on trades. I really don't collect anyone in particular just what ever catches my eye.

    Brunell8 I will check my singles. I also got a sweet Leftwich out of Focus #/100. I got the Box here in Sioux City, IA. $64/box

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    What's BV on that Leftwich and what do you need for it?

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    Sportscollector 03: I will check out to see what I got. I have a nice Portis GU on my webpage as well.

    Brunell8: I believe it books for $30 but Imight be wrong I haven't gotten the new Beckett yet so I couldn't tell you for sure.

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    I'm guessing the Leftwich is the Numbers Century. It books at $25. LMK what you would need for it.

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