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Thread: Looking for Michael Young

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    Looking for Michael Young

    According to, he currently has 88 card available.
    So far no game used and only 1 auto. The 2000 Topps Traded.
    I am looking for any Michael Young that I do not yet have which is most of them. If you have anything of him that you would sell for CC please lmk. Thanks.

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    I got a:
    2002 Fleer tradition
    2002 Fleer platinum
    Is there any other players your looking for so i can get a bigger lot?

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    Also like Palmeiro, Pudge, Nivar, Nix, Mench, Teixeira and Blalock.
    I have the tradition but need the Platinum.
    LMK what else you come up with.

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    I found:

    2003 UD 40 man Michael young
    2003 UD vintage Teixeira
    2002 UD Future World Series Heros $6 Pudge

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    I need these from you.
    2002 Fleer Platinum Michael Young
    2003 UD 40-man Michael Young
    2002 UD Future World Series Heroes Ivan Rodriguez

    How much do you want for them?

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    350 if way too high for just $7 worth of cards.

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    Ok i said 350 because some people do 1 cc=.1 cent but i guess thats wrong...... What is the highest youll go then?

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    I thought most people did 10 CC = $1 anymore.
    I'm not real sure.
    I wouldn't go much higher than 100 but not sure I want to do that high.

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