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Thread: SP Authentic Break - UNREAL

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    SP Authentic Break - UNREAL

    Hey guys, if you can blow me away with sale offers, be my guest, but obviously, some of these are going to stay close to home! E-mail me at

    Rookies to 2200:
    Aaron Moorehead
    Michael Haynes
    Eddie Moore
    Cortez Hankton

    Rookies to 1200:
    Willie Ponder
    Mike Pinkard
    Danny Curley
    Domanick Davis Autograph (!!!)

    Double Jersey
    Manning/Palmer #d 192/345

    Rookie Patch:
    Willis McGahee #d 196/850 (!!!!!)

    Take care guys.

  2. Kronozio
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    must be nice...just opened my box today and wasnt happy. good job.

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    Unreal, right, portis? I'm a big Miami U fan, so that McGahee is just about better than anything - ever.

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    how many colors? only patch rookie I pulled was a kingsbury but its nice with a great variety of 4 colors

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    4 colors, everything is represented well too - it's not a cheapy, u know?

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    Double Jersey
    Manning/Palmer #d 192/345
    how much u need for this??????/??///////?
    chek my site could give u cash for it to

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    Rookies to 2200:
    Aaron Moorehead

    i REALLY want this one. PLMK what your looking for! THANKS!

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