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Thread: Rare item for trade!!!

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    Rare item for trade!!!

    I have a ticket stub up for trade. The ticket stub is very rare because it is the first game won in Pac Bell Park, now known as SBC park. The ticket is from April 29, 2000. On that day, the Giants beat the Expos to get their first win in Pac Bell Park...I saw that this ticket stub is worth $50.00 on ebay and I saw that someone was selling the ticket stub for $100 in the Tri-Star show. This very rare ticket stub is up for trade and I want any certified autographs for it. I am looking for any certified autographs, I dont care what player it is but I am just interested in certified autographs...Please make me an offer...thanks

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    nobody is interested in this rare item...I am not looking for much for this rare ticket stub, I'm just looking for any certified autographs

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